Our Purchase Policies

Puppy Policy 
Please be sure you are ready to commit to one of our puppies before beginning the purchasing process and placing deposits as the deposits are non-refundable. Once you enter a verbal or written financial commitment with Arkland Farm and Kennels, you understand that the deposit is non-refundable. There are no exceptions made if you change your mind or choose another puppy from a different breeder. 

We do not sell puppies for breeding rights, but will consider a sale to a responsible, qualified breeder. Therefore, all buyers will sign agreements to have their puppies spayed or neutered before registration papers are transferred. All our puppies are sold as PETS or WORKING STOCK DOGS ONLY. We never sell to pet stores or research facilities. We always reserve the right to refuse the sale of a pup (or dog) for any reason if we do not feel it is in the best interests of the dog. We do not sell our Aussies to just anyone. We are ethically obligated to only sell our dogs to families and farms that treat their pets as part of their families. 

We get to know our buyers a little bit to learn more about the home situation and where our Aussies will be living. We do not want to hurt peoples' feelings, but we are the only voice our dogs have in choosing the right home for them. Aussies crave human contact daily and we strive to find homes for our pups where they will be a full-time family member and/or a working stock dog. It is not our focus to achieve conformation and show ring qualities, but those qualities can most certainly be an added bonus with our Arkland Aussies. It is our focus to breed healthy, well-tempered, family oriented, working stock dogs. We socialize our pups with children, sheep, goats, cats, chickens, and more. Arkland Aussies are raised on our loving family farm and they are always sold with clean health records. 

Prices range varies from $800.00 up to $1200.00 on average and we base pricing on pedigree, genetics, gender, and color. The additional factors and expenses that go into breeding and raising quality Aussies are as follows: 
· Food 
· Shelter 
· Demand 
· Vitamins 
· Grooming 
· Vet Exams 
· Availability 
· Health Certs 
· Registration 
· Flea control 
· Docking tails 
· Vaccinations 
· Removal of dewclaws 

Prices are subject to change at any time for any reason unless a deposit has already been placed. We offer safe shipping of puppies on a limited basis. The additional cost for transporting, delivering, or shipping depends on the destination. We currently do not ship outside of the continental United States of America. 

Arkland Farm and Kennels reserves the right to alter this policy in any way and at any time. 

The Purchase Process 

Check our Puppies “For Sale” page under the Arkland Aussies tab located on the main menu to get started. This is where we post puppies that are currently available and/or when litters are expected. If you see a puppy or litter that you like, contact us either through this website or one of our other social media pages. You will need to contact us directly in some manner to introduce yourself before reserving or purchasing one of our Australian Shepherd puppies. 

A purchasing agreement and a $250.00 nonrefundable is needed to hold/purchase an available puppy and for placements on litter picks. If you are purchasing an available puppy then the whole balance can be paid all at once under certain circumstances where travel and or delivery concerns are minimal. Otherwise, after a deposit has been made the remaining balance of the puppy must be paid by the time the puppy reaches six weeks old. Arkland Farm and Kennels reserves the right to make additional purchase agreements when necessary to stay flexible. If any remaining balances are not paid on time or within an agreed timeframe, the buyer will lose their hold on the puppy/litter and their deposit will be further retained for another selection in the future. 

Once a puppy has been paid in full and has reached the age of eight weeks old, the buyer has several ways to either pick up or have the puppy delivered. A buyer can come to our facility in Genoa, Arkansas when the puppy is eight weeks old and pick up the puppy. A buyer can also choose to meet us at a predetermined location to pick up the puppy. All puppies cannot be picked up before seven weeks old, or after ten weeks old. We do charge additional fees after the puppies reach 9 weeks old and have not been picked up by that time. We offers shipping on a limited basis. 

The Reservation Process

A $250.00 nonrefundable deposit is required when necessary for reserving litter picks. Your non-refundable $250.00 deposit reserves your pick of the litter that you choose. When the litter arrives and you choose a puppy, the remaining balance must be paid in full before the puppy is six weeks old. If the remaining balance is not paid by the sixth week, the puppy will be put back up for sale and your deposit will apply to another selection. Puppies are picked and sold in the order deposits are received. Due to random litter sizes and the occasions that there is not enough puppies to go around, your deposit will go to the next litter. Therefore, a deposit may be shifted to the next litter. A deposit shows us that you are serious. 

A litter pick offering will be invoiced to potential buyers directly from Arkland Farm and Kennels. If a deposit is accepted by Arkland Farm and Kennels, then that deposit holds your place in line to choose from available puppies in upcoming litters. The deposit does not a guarantee that a specific puppy will be available or will be sold to the buyer. The deposit merely holds a place so when the selection time arrives you may choose your puppy and pay the remaining balance. You can ask for us to put you on a waitlist, but people who put a deposit down will get their litter pick first. 

Thanks for your interest in Arkland Aussies!

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