Jan 23, 2021

Helpful Tips That Will Save You Money This Growing Season 2021

 Save a little $$$ this growing season!

We have started using some growing flats and the small 3 oz. solo cups this year.  This is WAY cheaper than buying seedling trays.  We are now able to fit 50 plants in one flat.  So if you buy 10 flats, you can fit about 500 plants in all.  That's a lot of plants, so if you're just trying to feed your family, you can probably buy 1 flat and 50 cups and be good to go!  You can order both the solo cups and seedling flats on Amazon, just follow the links below.   

We also found a good starter soil at Lowes that has key ingredients including Peat Moss, Coconut Coir and Vermiculite!  When planting, we plant 3 to 5 seeds in each cup (large seeds only 1 per cup). We understand this is a little overkill, but we find that ratio leaves little room for having to replant.

We harvested our own seeds from plants we grew the previous year and froze them for planting this season and it worked great! 

Green Mini Solo Cup

We keep all of our planted flats indoors mostly and only take them out during the day when temps are higher than 45 degrees so they can get a little sun!  We water them when we notice they are drying out, but try not to water them very often at this stage to prevent killing the seedlings.

We have calculated how much we spent just on this first phase of planting. For the flats, cups, soil and seeds we did need to buy, we spent less than $50.00!  Now, mind you, we are planting about 30 + tomato plants, 30+ pepper plants, 20 potatoes, 30+ squash plants, 20 lettuce plants, 20+ cucumber plants, 20 + okra plants, 20+ onion plants, a corn field (small) and a pumpkin patch (small).  So this is SUPER cheap to start!!

If you are just wanting to have a small garden, you can start it for way less than this!  If you like vegetables and find yourself always buying veggies from the store; GROW them yourself and SAVE that $$$!!!


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