May 8, 2020

Our Newest Addition

Introducing Lightning Arrow's Luna Belle!

Image of a blue merle Aussie standing in a river
Lightning Arrow's Luna Belle

Luna Belle was born on February 15, 2020, out of Simms Texas' Lightning Arrow Ranch. She is our first Blue Merle bi-color coat. She has one brown and one blue eye. When we first brought her to Arkland Farm and Kennels, she immediately took to our Dam, Bailey and they have gotten along great so far. We know that over time they will become great friends. Bailey is teaching her the ropes of the farm. She is even teaching her how to walk with a leash and not trip up the walker. These animals are "one of a kind." We can't wait to see what the future holds for our Luna Belle here at Arkland. These are some photos of her at Albert Pike Recreation Area in Umpire, Arkansas. She is standing in the crystal clear waters of the Little Missouri River and had a great day full of adventure! 

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd in a river
Luna Belle at Albert Pike standing in the Little Missouri River

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