May 8, 2020

Our Humble Beginnings

Arkland Farm and Kennels began in the summer of 2014 with the purchase of our first six acres of land. We knew that we wanted to farm our own land and raise some livestock. However, we had no idea that we would become Australian Shepherd breeders in the years to come. We had to hack and carve our farm out from some very rough terrain over the years like true homesteaders! 

Uncleared land in Genoa, Arkansas
First photo of our land in 2014

Now, here we are with six years in the making! We are enjoying our life here at Arkland Farm and we love running our Australian Shepherd kennels. Our Aussies are a very close part of our lives and family. Pictured below is what part of our first three acres looks like now. We are up to 9 acres of land now that our Aussies have access to and we've seen some big changes in our progress over the past several years with more to come! 

Small cornfield in Arkansas
A cornfield plot on Arkland Farm

These two amazing Aussies pictured are called Arkland's Bailey and Arkland's Ike, which were the two foundational Aussies at the start of our kennels. Thanks for reading!

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