May 8, 2020

Bailey & Ike's First Litter

These precious babies were born on February 23, 2020. Our Dam, Bailey, did a wonderful job tending to her babies from the moment she had them. We knew her due date was close and made sure to keep an eye on her and not leave her alone. We sat with her through the whole process and luckily she had no complications. We ended up with three girls and two boys.

An image of Aussie pups at Arkland Aussies in Genoa, Arkansas
Ike and Bailey's first litter

The litter consisted of three red tri-color coats and two red bi-color coats. They were all socialized every day and had great temperaments. It didn't take long at all for these precious sweethearts to find their forever homes. A couple of them are being trained to herd sheep and goats, while the others are on their way to become family pets. As a part of our tradition, we always ensure that we become friends with the new owners of our pups because we like to keep up with how they are adjusting in their new homes. These Aussies have brought so much joy to our family and continue to do so with their new families.

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